Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why we homeschool?

This is a good question.  We get asked this from time to time and most of the time my response is WE LOVE IT, it works for our family.  I'll sometimes say where we used to live the school district wasn't the greatest and I had several friends already homeschooling.  I did my research, shared it with hubby and we decided to try it.  And 13 years later here we are still love it and growing and rolling with it.  Changing what needs to change and keeping what needs to be kept.

We homeschool for the flexibility, the fun of learning, we can be eclectic in our style of learning.  It's really hard to pinpoint just one reason.  I love watching my kids learn and when I don't think they are getting it they surprise me with something and I do that  - hmmm I guess they do get it - WOOHOO moments.  Chalk one up for mom.  : )

We don't homeschool for religious reason at all.  This was never our intent.  This is the other question we are asked often.  Many people still believe people who homeschool, homeschool for religious reasons.  Back in the early years that was the biggest reason.  Nowadays one could homeschool for many reasons - not happy with the school system, kids are being bullied, wanting to give their kids a much rounder education and many many more reasons.  Our goal is to raise free-thinking, loving, compassionate, and happy children that take these things with them as they grow into adults and become free-thinking, loving, compassionate and happy adults.

Our typical day is lessons in the morning and many are computer based, then we try to have activities in the afternoon out of the house.  Friends hanging out, field trips, beach days, art classes, acting, hula hooping.  We keep pretty busy.  They also take online courses and we belong to a local co-op that meets once a week.  We also love our down days just sitting around the house doing whatever.

The learning opportunities are endless, are amazing and the family time is priceless.  That is why we homeschool.

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Goals in Review

2013 was a crazy year with lots of ups and downs that kept us on our toes.  I tried to stay focused on my goals during all this.  It was a pretty fun year with lots of memories made.

2013 goal list

- 1. American girl store
- 2. Tougas Family Farm to see pumpkin tree - FALL TIME
- 3. Gertrude Chandler Warner Museum in Putnam, Connecticut. sometime after May
- 4. Beardsley Zoological Gardens, flower gardens
- 5. Osborne Homestead Museum. 500 Hawthorne Avenue. 203-734-2513. - flower gardens
x 6. Pick 3 towns to explore in CT
- 7. Indian museum
- 8. Statue of liberty
- 9.. Pardee Rose Garden. East Rock Park, 180 Park Road. 203-946-8142.
x 10. Dinosaur state park
- 11. A play in NYC
- 12. Go to a hockey game
x 13. be at a beach at sunset
- 14. Boat ride on the CT river
x 15. spend more time outside
x 16. find a new park to go hiking at
- 17. block island
x 18. go to haunted sites and learn the history
- 19. stand at the today show
x 20. go bowling
x 21. more time at the beach on nice days
- 22. Kite flying
- 23. Thimble islands
- 24. Go to a roller derby
- 25. Pez
- 26. Go to NYC
- 27. Http://
- 28. Http://
- 1. Paint my living room
- 2. Learn more about rocks and minerals
- 3. Paint my kitchen
x 4. organizing my crafting supplies
x 5. create a new home for our lighthouse collection
x 6. backsplash in kitchen. - decided against it
x 7. rearrange living room
x 1. start jogging on my treadmill STARTED DOING TONING AND HULA HOOP
x 2. do more dance games with kinect
x 3. Tone up my body and make it strong
- 4. learn line dancing
x 5. learn about making my own essential blends, bath stuff etc.
x 6. get better at wall pushups
x 7. learn some new hula hoop tricks
x 8. get better at sit ups
- 9. Learn about chakras
x 1. try a new recipe 2x a month if not more.
- 2. Start a gratitude journal
x 3. find comfy nice shoes to wear
- 4. use the great courses cooking video to learn to cook better
- 5. Put all videos from camera into a movie
- 6. learn to play my didgeradoo
x 7. Learning power point
- 8. make a christmas card list address book
- 9. Get passports
x 10. read 39 books in 2013 (13x3)
x 11. create in my art journal
x 12. create in my goddess journal
- 13. learn jewelry making
- 14 Learn to crochet valences with this flower
x 15. Infinity scarf
x 16. learn to press flowers
x 17. Learn some new crochet patterns
- 18. Write more poetry and haiku's
x 19. knit some scarves to sell on etsy
- 20. learn needle felting
x 21. Pay down bills
x 22. learn to crochet
- 23. Great courses meditation
- 24. Great courses healthy eating
- 25. Great courses photography
x Trip to NC/GA
x Learned to crochet water bottle holder, fingerless gloves and barefoot sandles
x Maritime Aquarium
x Rock and mineral show
x Mystic seaport
x Dinosaur park
x Ren fest in MD
x Walked in seymour parade

Thursday, December 26, 2013

My weight loss journey

I think a picture can sum up how i feel the most.  I love the 5:2 way of eating and love that i'm starting to love how exercise makes my body feel and look.